Hi there and welcome to The Daily Simple. I’m Aubrey.

This space is all about my daily doings. I started it keeping in mind our soon-to-be huge adventure of traveling the country full-time in a RV (aiming for June 2014, the month our lease expires) but mostly share what I make, do, see, read, explore and am inspired by. Some things I write about: simple living/minimalism, sustainability and homesteading, handcrafting beautiful repurposed things, nature, writing fiction and non, reading, cats, whole foods, and photography. I also podcast my thoughts here and there.

I currently reside in Austin, TX with my husband and four cats.

I love: walks in the woods, documentaries, writing stories, wood carving, sci-fi and fantasy, cob houses, seitan tacos, giving freely, Beethoven and Daft Punk, rainy days, Aztec patterns, rooibos tea and podcasting.

Contact info: Email: aubreymae84@gmail.com │ Goodreads│Pinterest│Etsy

Cheers to you and thanks for stopping by!

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Dus Katrina says:

    I love that you made a dairy-themed blog to remember your moments and that your (and kitty’s) bright smile is looking up at us in this sweet picture. I also enjoyed your pictures of the rain, which is also a rare occurrence in Phoenix.

  2. Vague says:

    Can’t wait to read. Awesome pictures and interesting life changes. I’m a little jealous because I would love to up and take a year long road trip with my family. :D

  3. Whit B Nimble says:

    I am SO happy to meet you too, even if it is just on the internet. :) I am also so very excited for your impending RV adventuring. I hope you’ll contact me if you come to the Grand Canyon. We are truly kindred spirits, and you have a new follower. Best…

  4. Preeti says:

    Dear Aubrey, I love this beautiful space of yours, which is so simple, minimal and inspiring. Looking forward for your upcoming RV ventures. Loved the bat watching, something very new and different to know. Btw, thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing your thoughts. Have a great day. :)

  5. Jacky says:

    Hi Aubrey!

    Just wanted to stop by and check out your piece of the world wide web. I can’t wait to read along with your RV journey!

    All the best,

  6. Theresa says:

    Aubrey, what a lovely space. You have certainly achieved your goal of a simplistic corner of the internet – I feel a sense of quiet awe as I read through your beautiful blog. x

  7. Laura says:

    Have you ever gone hiking or backpacking? I find this humbling feeling when surrounded by trees out where we are out of cellphone range. Have you ever read Walden? I’d love to see a post on your nature simple living thoughts… if you want :)

    • Aubrey says:

      I have and absolutely adore hiking and backpacking. I’ve shared a few posts, in the past, on some of my adventures. And I hate to admit this but I haven’t read Walden yet. I’ve read other stories by Thoreau and adored them and have Walden on my bookshelf, with plans to read it soon. I’ve thought of doing the very thing he did and maybe that’s why traveling the country in an RV is so exciting to be an adventure we soon jump into because it will involve going on lots of hikes and being surrounded by nature. Nature is so incredibly dear to me and plays a huge role in my well being. I would love to write some posts on nature, living in it, being aware of it and letting it play a role in your life. Thank you so much for asking, for your interest and for reminding me that I need to read Walden because I think it would be a great match for me. Thank you Laura!

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