My New Obsession



It’s no secret that wood is one of my favorite materials to work with. I saw, sand, stain, and wood burn. But now, I carve! Matt had a set of wood carving knives from art school. So I went at it. I had found a broken tv tray and one of the pieces of it was the perfect width for this project. So I sawed that part off (as seen in the first photo) and, over a span of a day and a half (on and off), I carved the heck out of that thing and made myself an incense holder!


I used these tools for carving, marked where I wanted to cut (as I went) with a pen and carved, switching between knives. I used 120 grit sandpaper for smoothing it out, gave it a nice groove down the middle for the burned particles to fall into, drilled a hole for the incense to go through, and topped the whole thing off with a clear sealant. My knives are now dull and I’m looking to get a curved knife for a project I have in mind, as well as sharpen the ones I used. Oh I just love learning new things! I was going to wood burn a design on top of it but I decided to keep it Plain Jane because I liked it like that.


I also went with all natural, chemical free incense. Sometimes incense irritate me and are too smokey, though I love their smell, but I found that putting it up high somewhere reduces irritatation while still getting the smell and ambiance.

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