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Top to bottom, left to right: Found a Blue Jay feather │Feeling beyond inspired (Can’t you tell by my stern expression?) │Admiring simple beauty │Reflecting on travels │Loving peperoncini on just about anything │Remembering that we are not alone in this world │Enjoying daily routines of tea and books │ Biking to the library │ Leaving messages, creating stuff


Last night I couldn’t sleep. It was 1 am and I was up until 2:30 and then woke up at 6:30 am, simply because I was excited for the next day. During that time alone, with just the sound of a humming refrigerator and the solitude or early morning darkness, I had the greatest moment of clarity. Have you ever had those? Where for the longest time you are too busy thinking how to go about something, going back and forth on it, asking others for help and not looking within – then, all of a sudden it’s crystal clear. You know what to do, how to do it and why you want to. I have this tendency to think a bit too much about things and now I feel like I am filled with much needed white space in my mind, free of all that pesky questioning.

Isn’t it just fantastical how the grandest things and greatest ideas come at the most unexpected times. Though, as of late, the middle of the night is when I think of all sorts of stuff, from story ideas to aspirations. Last night I thought of some additions that I’d like to make to the blog and I’m incredibly excited. But, since I’m a fan of the writing advice, “Don’t tell me, show me,” I’ll wait to share until I have something to show. Things are in the works for two ideas and I’m stoked, that much I’ll say.

Well, I have the car today and I’m off to do a bit of exploration and searching of treasures (or at least that’s how I like to approach it). That and the laundry won’t do itself.

Cheers everyone and happy ponderings,

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