Copyright Free

For every blog I’ve ever run there was always a copyright symbol or rights policy statement. Yet, as a library science graduate I was taught the importance of free information and the power of it. I specifically studied and love public libraries, where access to all is the motto. I don’t see why I should make an exception for a blog, especially a blog I’m not looking to make a buck off of or turn into a book. There are times and places to use copyright and I surely see the benefits but for this blog, no.

Instead, I’m going to trust in people. I’m going to believe in others and if they fail me, and for some reason decide to copy and paste what I write, then oh well. It’s just a blog. If you share something of mine and want to give me credit, then thank you. If not, then so be it. No worries.

What we decide to do is a reflection of our own character and if you write good stuff, then it won’t matter if others steal it for they can’t ever replicate you.



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