I Have This Crazy Idea. Want to Hear It?


Every business owner out there might think I’ve lost my marbles. I’m probably going to break every rule regarding business and shop ownership but I like rule breaking and though I have my Bachelor’s in Business Management, I never really fit in at business school.

So, I’m creating a shop.

But it’s not your typical shop. 

It will be a shop made using items I repurpose, like with these.

But that’s not the catch.

Here’s the rough and tumble:

  1. I’m going to show you how to make what I will sell, via tutorials. The first tutorial will be shared next week, which is why I’m making this announcement now. I want to give people the option to either make it themselves, by showing them, or purchasing it and supporting a cause. I suppose that’s risky and I’m generally a risk-adverse person but it’s time to throw my own complacency out the door and dive in.
  2. If that wasn’t crazy enough, it will be a pick your own price shop. You pick your price, simple as that. No catch. No fine print. Obviously, this won’t work on a platform like Etsy and so I’m working on designing my own online shop. I have a spot for it in the sidebar and soon it will link to that. My goal is to have it up before that first tutorial goes live.
  3. Lastly, all profits will go to a cause. I’m calling it, Creating for a Cause. 50% of the profits will go towards a monthly featured organization of my choosing. I will choose organizations focusing on helping: the homeless, animals, libraries & literacy. I will also share on here how that 50% was used because sometimes those organizations need ‘dollar bills yo’ and sometimes they need supplies, that 50% will go towards whatever it is they need. The other 50% of the profits will go towards a cause that is our RV dream. Since we will have to take out a loan for the RV, I want to chip away at it as quick as possible so that our bills on the road are lessened and we can share many more adventures with you all.

Why all the craziness?

Well, I like giving people more options and I like giving back whenever possible (and it’s always possible). I want to give people the freedom to choose and the option to support good causes in the process. I’ll probably still sell some items at craft fairs (which will be a first for me) at a set price but I’m letting the digital world give me the freedom to do something a bit different.

I would love to know our thoughts, suggestions, ideas and I can’t wait to get started on that first tutorial. I’m also excited to share the shop name and the meaning behind it.

Cheers to you all !

Side note: I just got myself a yoga ball because my chair was giving me terrible back pains. This thing is the kick!

Confession: I like to create. I like to make, to do, to move my hands and mind, and see a final result. But for months, and I mean months, I battled with the idea of having a shop because I also call myself a minimalist. How can you be a minimalist and create stuff, I asked myself? Then my husband sat me down and reminded me that everyone is creating something. Heck, most minimalist blogs have books and classes for purchase. They are creating away. So I decided to stop beating myself up over it and just go for the golden nugget, the snitch – if you will (I couldn’t help the Harry Potter reference). So that is that.

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9 thoughts on “I Have This Crazy Idea. Want to Hear It?

  1. Irela says:

    I think it sounds like a wonderful idea. It’s a nice way to keep you motivated and at the same time you are donating some of the proceeds. Those organizations you choose will benefit as well. Good luck! ♥

    • Aubrey says:

      Thanks so much Irela! You make a great point about motivation and boy have I needed a bit of motivation lately.

  2. Wendy says:

    I was lost until you mentioned 50% of the profit will go to a good cause, then it all clicked. Absolutely brilliant! I’m looking forward to reading more and checking out the tutorials.

    • Aubrey says:

      I’m so excited to share them and I’m glad it clicked. I wasn’t sure how people would take this post but I’m really humbled by all the support. Thank you!

  3. Emma Kate says:

    Wow! What a cool & fantastic idea! I think that this is such a great thing for you to do and such a great way to do it. Kudos to you!

  4. Holly says:

    That is so awesome! I’m glad you finally figured out what you wanted to do. It all seems really true to you and a really rewarding idea, not just giving to charities (which is great) but inspiring other people to get creative and make things. Selling at shows would be a wonderful idea too for when you are on the road, a way to make some money and meet other creatives around the country. Really excited to see your shop when it opens!

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